Monday, July 02, 2007

And on a brighter note...

THE PM's intervention in Aboriginal affairs appears to have failed to impress voters. Coalition support has slipped, according to the latest Herald Sun/Galaxy poll.

The poll found most believe Prime Minister John Howard's interest in tackling widespread sexual abuse of Aboriginal children has more to do with the coming election than with genuine concern about the problem.

Only 25 per cent of voters believe Mr Howard genuinely cares about the issue, the poll found. And 58 per cent are cynical about the intervention, believing it has been motivated by the looming election.

Voters were asked if the PM was addressing problems in Aboriginal communities because of the impending federal election or because he really cares about the issue.

Unsurprisingly, 79 per cent of Labor voters said the election was the motivator; however, an extraordinary 29 per cent of Coalition voters also expressed cynicism about the PM's intervention.

(From today's Herald Sun - I was actually looking for something to mock when I found this story...)


Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, I'm sitting in France right now and that story seems to have made their papers yesterday -- Some of my colleagues found it intersting enough to ask me about it.

At least from my rather poor sample, you can add the French public thinks it is a rather useless authoritarian measure that won't solve problems, and they're pretty used to these types of endemic poverty problems.

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

I was in fact part of the 300 or so crowd on Thursday night, and boy was it a wait. It was in fact my birthday on Thursday night, so a bit of a coincidence when it came to being the same night that you guys were going to ends things.

Anyhow, it did result in us leaving at about 10pm, but overall did still have a good night, even if we didn't get inside. I only started going to Q and A earlier this year, but compared to so many other places I have to say it is one of the best places that I have ever been to. And I am sure that lots of other people are sad that you guys have decided to hang up your cds, but things happen dont they.

Anyhow, we hope that you still have some Q and A revisited or birthday events down the track. And thanks again for providing a night for queer people to have a good time.

Steve :P

richardwatts said...

Belated happy birthday Steve - sorry you didn't get inside, but hope you had a good one regardless. As to future Q + A-style events down the track... maybe, once we've had a break from things, we might start to pine for the days of crowds and craziness.... But at the moment, that's a big maybe. :-)